Pre-employment checks A-Z directory

With over 60 years of experience in recruitment and employment services and over nine years experience in employment screening, we are well versed in all aspects of background screening.

We have highlighted some of the usual checks that companies undertake for their employee screening of new starters. Following new regulation in a couple of industries, financial services and insurance, it is also required that companies complete ongoing checks every other year and if employees change jobs within an organisation it might require further screening to be undertaken.

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A-Z checks directory

Activists checks

Using proprietary and publicly available sources, we conduct activism checks to identify potential hires with a history of extreme activist views that may conflict with the interest of your business. We recognise the risks that this brings when hiring candidates and provide the information you require to make informed hiring decisions.

Address history

A candidate’s declared addresses should always be meticulously validated against all other information provided, cross referencing against residency databases.

Adverse media

Drawing from a range of sources, our adverse media checks include traditional media, broadcast media and online media to bring to light any detrimental candidate behaviour otherwise unavailable to you. This includes information around organised crime, financial terrorism, drug trafficking, financial threat, money laundering and much more.

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Using cutting edge matching algorithms, our AML checks can assess your candidates against over 2,000 international sanctions, PEP's and watch-lists to ensure your business is secured against insider threat and complies with relevant AML regulations.

Cifas checks

Cifas is the UK's leading fraud prevention organisation, managing the largest database of instances of fraudulent conduct in the country. For members of this organisation, the available data on internal and consumer fraud cases is invaluble in securing businesses from risk through a series of Cifas checks.

Credit checks

We’re experts in facilitating employment credit checks and varying levels, including standard checks based on 5 years of address history. Our reports clearly highlight any missed payments, defaults, CCJs or bankruptcies, as well as any linked addresses the candidate may or may not have declared during their application. We can also process a further check using CAIS data allowing us to review candidates full financial history including current accounts, credit cards, secured and unsecured debt, defaults and other measures of financial probity.


For individuals who may be required to drive in their role, DVLA checks are a simple yet effective solution to ensure the suitability and reliability of an individual. Checking the validity of an individual's driving license, any penalty points, impaired charges, speeding and other offences listed on their records is a valuable control for people applying or occupying a position.

Directorship checks

For particular staff categories where individuals have significant influence or make major financial and/or risk decisions, a directorship check is essential to ensure that they do not hold positions which would constitute a conflict of interest or a risk to your business.

Education / qualification checks

Whether for a qualification specific and relevant to a role, or simply to establish that a benchmark of educational attainment has been met, education/qualification checks are an important part of establishing whether an individual is suitable for a role for which they have applied.

FCA checks

The FCA keeps a register of people who are barred from holding certain positions within companies that offer financial services or are otherwise regulated by the FCA.

ID verification

Verifying the identity of the individual being screened to an acceptable level of assurance is a foundational element of any screening process. Any and all checks conducted as part of the screening process are predicated on the principle that the individual being checked is who they say they are. As such, any flaw or omission in employee ID verification would compromise any further screening conducted.

International checks

International Employee Screening essential for visa applications, volunteering abroad, working with children or vulnerable adults and of course for screening candidates for their roles. Overseas checks are more than just a criminal check, they can be anything from qualification checks, international credit checks, fraud, sanction and international police checks,  all the way through to adverse media checks.

Occupational health

Our Occupational Health team provides fitness to work assessments and certifications for over 9,000 individuals a year. We provide an equitable, accessible and impartial service that contributes to improved organisational productivity for our clients.

Police checks

Either as best practice or due to statutory/regulatory obligation, many job roles require police checks such as a DBS check to ensure that the candidate does not have criminal convictions the nature of which would preclude them from taking up a position in a given industry. There are a number of organisations within the UK which exercise this statutory function including the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), Disclosure Scotland, and Access NI.

Professional registration

It is essential to not only verify that an individual is qualified to occupy a particular role but also to conduct Professional Registration checks to ensure that they hold valid Professional Registration with their fields governing body or regulator.

Referencing / Work history

There are two core elements to what most organisations refer to as an employment reference check: employment verification (date and role confirmation from previous employer) and substantive referencing (meaningful commentary on conduct and competence of individual being referenced). Many organisations not required to by statutory or regulatory obligation will opt to satisfy just the former when they should be mindful of both.

Right to work

Right to Work checks are a requirement for any employer prior to commencement of service for staff. This is a non-transferrable statutory obligation enforced by the Home Office and carries risk of significant fines and even criminal prosecution if not undertaken appropriately.

Sanctions / politically exposed person (PEP)

Using cutting edge matching algorithms, we can check your candidates against over 2,000 international sanctions, PEP's and watch-lists to ensure your business is secured against insider threat and complies with relevant AML regulations.

Social media screening

Reviewing publicly available sources, social media screening evaluates and flags any adverse content posted by, or associated with a candidate, focussing on a number of factors. These include racism, sexism, hate speech, drug use, general criminality, and any other risk categories that an organisation may deem as indicating unsuitability for the position applied for or incompatibility with the culture and values of the organisation.