Social media screening

Reviewing publicly available sources, social media screening evaluates and flags any adverse content posted by, or associated with a candidate, focussing on a number of factors. These include racism, sexism, hate speech, drug use, general criminality, and any other risk categories that an organisation may deem as indicating unsuitability for the position applied for or incompatibility with the culture and values of the organisation.

Reed Screening enables social media checks through a platform that sifts through all open web sources, including, but not limited to media sites, international and legal records, social media platforms, online discussions and dark and deep web sources – only about 5% of which would be available through a standard search engine query.

The search will profile key business contacts/co-directors/business acquaintances, confirm addresses and locations, identify family and friends of interest or concern, freelance roles and directorships not otherwise disclosed, identify behavioural and personality traits, and document attitudes to work, lifestyle and other pertinent aspects that may influence the client's hiring decisions.