Instant Referencing - referencing in minutes, not days

78% of employers state that reference checks are the slowest part of the screening process. At Reed Screening our automated reference checking software is set to change this.

We know how important it is to get your referencing right, and using a trusted referencing checking service is the future of a faster, yet safer hiring process.

Our revolutionary technology provides rapid results at your fingertips, without the need to spend time inputting referee details or chasing when you don’t receive that all-important reference.

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Trusted reference provider for over 300 companies
Over half a million reference checks per annum
Market leading technology

Why choose us?

Our automated reference checking software provides a hassle free solution to deliver mass reference checks. After providing us with the candidate details, you can sit back and let our automation kick in. Our software will work with your candidate to contact, chase and obtain the reference.

  • ✔ Best-in-class technology, providing security and transparency
  • ✔ Scalable, rapid and cost-effective solution for delivering mass references
  • ✔ User-friendly with minimal effort required
  • ✔ Protect your business from the rise in fraudulent references with revolutionary technology
  • ✔ First-class candidate experience
  • ✔ A preverified database of over 20,000 organisations to call upon, providing leading return times
  • ✔ Enabling seamless digital transformation in your hiring process

The Process

  • 1. Candidate details captured

    Candidate name and contact details obtained

  • 2. Referee upload

    Candidate enters details into the portal

  • 3. Automated reference checking

    Our cutting-edge technology gets to work

  • 4. References complete

    Available to download at the click of a button

Streamline your reference checks for faster, safer hiring

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