Pre-employment screening

We have extensive experience working with medium and large enterprises who recruit more than 50 new employees every year. Currently, we work with clients that have more than 800 new starters every month that all require a high level of screening. In 2020 we screened more than 120,000 candidates.

Our experience can help you understand the specific requirements you need when undertaking employment screening, specific to the industry you work in.

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The benefits of pre-employment screening

Attract qualified individuals

Ensuring your business is compliant has never been more important, and the risk of an unqualified hire includes harm to your organisation, bad publicity, fraud and more. Don’t be caught out. We offer specialised screening checks across many industries to ensure your candidate meets all legal and regulatory requirements.

Attract likeminded candidates

Your business has worked hard to build a positive organisational culture, filled with shared values, beliefs and goals. A bad character hire can disturb the balance and wreak havoc within your teams. We run checks specifically designed to give you a bigger picture of your candidate, make sure they’re the right fit for your business, and protect your organisational culture.

Attract genuine talent

The Recruiting Office describes that 63% of applicants admit to lying on their CV on things like work experience, skills, and even education and professional qualifications. Shockingly, only 31% of those who lie are ever caught. By screening your applicants, you can ensure your new starters are genuinely as good as they say they are.

Attract only the best

Pre-employment screening increases the quality of applicants. Screening acts as a deterrent to those who are unqualified or unsuitable for the role, saving your recruitment team time reviewing inappropriate candidate applications, and increasing the efficiency of your process.

Why choose us?

We are experts

With over 60 years’ experience in recruitment, and now over nine years’ experience as pre-employment screening specialists, we have developed a catalogue of screening checks designed to bring security into any business, for any candidate, in any industry. We work with a number of government agencies to ensure your checks are not only efficient but completed to the highest standards, and our friendly team are ready to develop flexible solutions to fit your company’s individual requirements.

Built for scale

As specialists in pre-employment screening, we not only work with small businesses, but also medium and large enterprises who recruit over 50 new employees every year. In 2020 we screened over 120,000 candidates, and currently work with clients that have over 800 new starters every month requiring high level screening. Our service is built for scale, and we can support your recruitment process no matter how many candidates you are welcoming on board.

UK's fastest screening, 24/7

We have a 24-hour screening team of over 140 employees, providing around the clock support to help businesses like yours vet candidates quickly and reliably. We are proud to provide the UK’s fastest pre-employment screening service, with eight-day turnaround across over 500,000 checks. Whatever your screening needs, let us help to remove the risk of hiring for your business.

Solutions built around your candidates

Candidate experience is at the heart of everything we do. We deliver an efficient and flexible screening process that can be seamlessly integrated into your recruitment activities, to communicate with your candidates in the tone of voice they’re used to.

Fewer than 50 checks per year

As a small or medium sized business, you will have an ongoing need for screening services as and when new starters join your company. Our pay as you go service gives you flexibility to use whenever your business needs it.

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More than 50 checks per year

As an organisation that requires more than 50 checks per year, we understand that you may require bespoke services. Get in touch for a tailored screening solution to suit your needs.

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