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Social media checks

Check Overview

Reviewing publicly available sources, social media checks evaluate and flag any adverse content posted by or associated with a candidate focussing on a number of factors including racism, sexism, hate speech, drug use, general criminality, and any other risk categories that an organisation may deem as indicating unsuitability for the position applied for or incompatibility with the culture and values of the organisation.

 Reed Screening enables social media checks through a platform that sifts through all open web sources, including, but not limited to media sites, international and legal records, social media platforms, online discussions and dark and deep web sources – only about 5% of which would be available through a standard search engine query.

Why choose us

  • Average turnaround time is 72 hours
  • UK, onshore 24/7 screening team
  • Trusted by over 250 companies
  • Over 1 million checks conducted per annum
  • We work with the government and other screening and regulatory bodies to ensure the most up-to-date screening and compliance

Details & requirements

  • Average turnaround time for this package is 72 hours
  • This package is for employers with a need to screen their candidate/s
  • All we’ll need from you is the following for your candidate/s: Name, email address & date of birth

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UK, onshore 24/7 screening team

Over 1 million checks conducted per annum

Trusted provider of over 250 companies

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