Sanctions / politically exposed person (PEP)

Using cutting edge matching algorithms, we can check your candidates against over 2,000 international sanctions, PEP's and watch-lists to ensure your business is secured against insider threat and complies with relevant AML regulations.

Infiltration of financial, utility, regulatory and any number of other critical institutions within the UK is a chronic and serious problem, as international criminal and terrorist organisations attempt to covertly influence the policy and operations of organisations to ensure their ongoing benefit and survival. As such, conducting sanctions checks on all your employees is critical to preventing serious financial, reputational and operational damage should you fall prey to such a malicious actor.

The constantly evolving nature of sanctions lists necessitates the continuous monitoring of these lists, rather than simply screening all of your employees before their start date – as an organisation, you need to know that the moment one of your employees could be named to a list, that you will be aware and ready to take the necessary action.

With over 2,000 international sanctions, PEPs, and watch-lists available, being able to match your prospective hires against these lists reliably and efficiently is critical to ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating risk within your business. With instantaneous results, availability of active monitoring and automated flag notifications, there is no reason to avoid securing your business with sanctions checks and PEP checks.