Referencing / Work history

There are two core elements to what most organisations refer to as an employment reference check: employment verification (date and role confirmation from previous employer) and substantive referencing (meaningful commentary on conduct and competence of individual being referenced). Many organisations not required to by statutory or regulatory obligation will opt to satisfy just the former when they should be mindful of both.

Reviewing a candidates work history is vital in order to verify that the information supplied by a candidate is factual. Concealing information for a future or former employee can have severe consequences, as rightly so employers start to question the honesty and integrity of a candidate, yet some people still do this.

It can be easily concealed when the correct employee reference checks are not enforced to assess the validity of the information supplied. The ideal model includes a full review of cross referencing information supplied from application to CV, and then further analysis of those gaps in between. This can include candidates supplying evidence of their activity in the form of bank statements or travel proof.

Review of the work history, CV supplied, gap evidence and references themselves including analysis of the dates supplied and explanations required for any misleading information, we believe this process is essential to maintain and create a safer world at work for all.

The source of a reference must be verified to validate the individual providing the reference is in a position to do so, and also by checking the details of establishment the worker was employed by this eliminates any false information being taken into account.