Professional registration

It is essential to not only verify that an individual is qualified to occupy a particular role but also to conduct Professional Registration checks to ensure that they hold valid Professional Registration with their fields governing body or regulator.

Just because someone has attained a qualification in a particular field or profession that is a requirement for practise does not mean they are a member of that field or profession in good standing. Professional Registration checks are updated in real time and can be used to verify the job roles and level across many different professions.

By providing essential reassurance for roles that require a certain skill set or qualification, we can review the completion date, the expiry date and any sanctions which may reveal an essential piece of information in relation to a candidate, meaning the difference between a successful placement and a bad decision.

A Professional Registration Body are licensed to provide the award, and consent must be obtained from the candidate in order to be able to review their registration throughout the screening process. This makes screening a candidate much more robust, and it is key for employers to be able to fully check the candidates they are wanting to work for their business.