Occupational health

Our Occupational Health team provides fitness to work assessments and certifications for over 9,000 individuals a year. We provide an equitable, accessible and impartial service that contributes to improved organisational productivity for our clients.

Occupational Health Assessments are an essential requirement of numerous industries and are designed to protect employers & employees to ensure that the potential staff member is fit and able to perform the duties required of them by the role without having their own health or that of others placed at risk. Such assessments typically contain a series of questions relating to an individual’s general health and wellbeing. In some specific professions history of immunisations, haematology, and serology.

Occupational health assessments should be taken at regular intervals (often annual) all employers should be mindful of the need to make adhoc referral based on changes in circumstances whether in duties, the environment being worked in, or specific circumstances of individual staff member.