International checks

International Employee Screening essential for visa applications, volunteering abroad, working with children or vulnerable adults and of course for screening candidates for their roles. Overseas checks are more than just a criminal check, they can be anything from qualification checks, international credit checks, fraud, sanction and international police checks,  all the way through to adverse media checks.

Our extensive global network of credit analysts and agents work with us to provide information about individuals you’re looking to hire. With up to date information across more than 200 countries worldwide, our global reach ensures accurate verification of the financial probity of any given individual.

We have a wealth of experience conducting overseas checks in over 200 countries worldwide. Our international checks are conducted both in-house and through a carefully controlled supply chain of external partners, ensuring we bring immediate benefits across both cost and process.

Time spent abroad typically must be covered with a certificate of good standing/conduct or an equivalent. Although, it can be slightly difficult knowing where to start when it comes to Overseas checks, as there are several factors which would determine the need for a check; Length of time overseas and role requirements.

- Length of time generally depends on the client requirements for what time period constitutes to having to run a certain check, typically, it’s a period of having a fixed abode overseas for a period of 6 months or more within the last 5 years.

- Role requirements would also impact the need for an overseas check, and the checks must be completely justified for the role the candidate is going into.

The guidance and how to apply also differs from country to country, there are different routes of guidance on for each country, and if no information is held here, it may be necessary to have to contact the relevant embassy or consulate.

Overseas qualifications must also be translated accordingly, and of course whether or not the qualification is equivalent to the recognised level in the UK. If you are unsure on whether or not an Overseas check is required for your candidate, please contact us for further details.

The Reed Screening Index shows that 1 in 10 candidates have a significant period of international residency in their history. Many companies will not conduct international checks as part of their background checking process. For those who don’t, this can pose a serious risk as not all information that should come to light on a candidate is identified.

It is an incredibly common tactic of serial fraudsters or people with criminal backgrounds to leave the country where they have been convicted of serious misconduct because it is unlikely that international police checks will take place. This presumption is a reliable method of avoiding having to declare previous fraudulent behaviour, leaving organisations open to a potentially bad hire.