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ID verification

Verifying the identity of the individual being screened to an acceptable level of assurance is a foundational element of any screening process. Any and all checks conducted as part of the screening process are predicated on the principle that the individual being checked is who they say they are. As such, any flaw or omission in employee ID verification would compromise any further screening conducted.

Verifying the identity of individual is a foundational element of the Screening process – the identity the individual is claiming to hold must be verified before any checks can be performed, because otherwise all the screening checks conducted against that claimed identity could be subsequently invalidated should that claimed identity prove false. The volume of identities being used to commit identity fraud is increasing every year, with common motives for doing so being: avoiding detection by the police or author authorities; enabling organised crime; theft of personal, medical or financial information, obtaining benefits or funds they aren’t entitled to; accessing services they aren’t entitled to.

Employee ID verification currently falls into two elements – confirming that the individual claiming the identity is the same as the one presented in the documents they have provided as evidence, and the validity of the documents they have provided. The former is traditionally conducted in person, but new technology is allowing this process to occur completely digitally alongside the latter, which should never rely solely on human assessment. There are numerous government and non-government resources that can be leveraged to identify stolen and fraudulent documents, and many organisations like us here at Reed Screening have incorporated checks against these databases, as well as their own proprietary technology into their digital identity verification solutions.

This check is included in the following buy-online products:

Prevent (BPSS)

The Prevent package is an entry-level screening designed for low risk roles. A simple and efficient process that gives you peace of mind that your checks are compliant with UK law and the BPSS standard.

Protect (BS7858)

The Protect package is a robust screening level, based on the BS7858 government industry standard. Ideal for organisations in sectors, including the finance industry, communications, energy and government departments where standards of background checking are expected to be met.


The Secure package is designed specifically for high risk, senior and management roles. A thorough screening package suitable for all industries and sectors, inclusive of directorship and sanctions checks. Build a complete picture of a candidate, protect your company and mitigate the risk of fraud and reputational damage.


The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) package is designed for all firms authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA). Such organisations include any Financial Conduct Authority-regulated organisations, such as UK-incorporated banks, building societies and credit unions as well as Prudential Regulation Authority-regulated investment banks and insurers.

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