Activists checks

Using proprietary and publicly available sources, we conduct activism checks to identify potential hires with a history of extreme activist views that may conflict with the interest of your business. We recognise the risks that this brings when hiring candidates and provide the information you require to make informed hiring decisions.

The vast majority of people who support activist causes do so peacefully, respectfully and within the bounds of the law. But some at the extreme ends of the spectrum of a particular issue will take drastic, illegal and sometimes violent action against organisations they perceive to be enemies of their ideology. You only need to look at the history of the Animal Liberation Front or the Army of God to understand that organisations across multiple industries face a very real threat from extremist activists. Activist checks draw on a wide variety of sources to verify that an individual you are considering hiring is not a member of or associates with any extreme activist groups or causes.

Activist checks don't flag up any reasonable, principled views that call for reform or action within the bounds of the law - nobody should or legally could discriminate against potential employees on such grounds. However, where a candidate has a demonstrable association or involvement with violent or criminal action - but may not have been convicted - in pursuit of an extreme ideology, then many organisations are prudent and within their rights to find out through means such as activism checks, and take such information into consideration in their hiring process.