Credit checks

We’re experts in facilitating employment credit checks and varying levels, including standard checks based on 5 years of address history. Our reports clearly highlight any missed payments, defaults, CCJs or bankruptcies, as well as any linked addresses the candidate may or may not have declared during their application. We can also process a further check using CAIS data allowing us to review candidates full financial history including current accounts, credit cards, secured and unsecured debt, defaults and other measures of financial probity.

For organisations in the financial services sector, employment credit checks are an intrinsic part of screening – but far too few sectors outside it consider credit checks to be a necessary or valuable component of any screening process, without considering that they are in many ways, just as exposed to risk as banks, building societies and other FCA/PRA regulated firms.

A employment credit check is an indicator of an individual’s financial probity, which in and of itself should not have any bearing on their ability to perform a role. But when someone is in financial duress, the likelihood of them being motivated, induced or coerced to commit fraud, theft or numerous other crimes that may be of financial benefit rise sharply. Over the past ten years, the market price of data has skyrocketed and businesses need to adapt their thinking to realise that risk is no longer concentrated around roles that involve financial oversight, cash handling etc, and now permeates all levels of any organisation that handles data, whether in large volumes or particularly sensitive.

Employment credit checks are an essential element of mitigating the risk your staff pose to the business, by assuring you that there are no financial factors that could influence their motivations from benign to desperate, or even malicious.