What is tailored pre-employment screening?

What is tailored pre-employment screening?

A crucial stage of any recruitment process, pre-employment screening is designed to help you bring in new hires safely and legally. There’s a lot to consider, and although there are set background checks that can be done, we know that screening most certainly isn’t one size fits all.

At Reed Screening we build screening solutions around you, and here’s how we do it.

Your industry

The screening elements required in your bespoke package of background checks heavily depends on your industry. Not all industries carry the same risk, and many industries are subject to specific compliance as a result. For example, in the education industry all hires must pass a mandatory enhanced DBS check if they work with minors under the age of 18.

That’s why we’ve created The Industry Hub.  Our comprehensive industry guide is the ideal way to ensure consistent, standardised employee screening for the whole workforce, from permanent employees, temporary agency supply chains, to contractors. Covering 15 major industries, we have compiled lists of recommended checks, designed to ensure compliance and security in your specific industry. Resulting in efficiencies and peace of mind, your candidates can be screened quickly and consistently.

Your role

Within every industry there are a hierarchy of roles, with different elements of risk and regulation associated with each one. For this reason, pre-employment screening isn’t equal across an entire industry.

For example, let’s imagine that your business is in the Financial Services & Insurance industry. This is a high risk industry, with all employees being exposed to financial information at some level, so all staff have a relatively high level of screening. Having said that, a member of the cleaning staff is not as exposed as an accountant would be and is also not subject to the same compliance regulations. There are a host of other checks which are therefore conducted on the accountant, such as a Cifas fraud check, a professional qualifications check and a directorship check, that are not conducted on the cleaning staff.

Within The Industry Hub we have broken down each sector into three categories of low, medium and high risk roles, and have provided examples of screening packages for those key roles within the industry.

Your team

We understand how valuable your team’s time is. That’s why our efficient and flexible screening process can be seamlessly integrated into your recruitment activities, benefitting your candidates and team alike. Although our screening software is super easy to use, we provide full in-depth training to your team, demonstrating our systems and processes, and making sure everyone has a solid understanding from the start.

Throughout the screening process the team are able to monitor the progress of every candidate, down to the finest detail, and can incorporate the progress of the background checks into their communications with the candidate. Once complete, the team is notified and if passed, can progress them to onboarding. If the candidate hasn’t passed screening, the team can see exactly why, and address any issues straight away.

Your candidates

Candidate experience is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in our ability to tailor our approach to pre-employment screening and communicate with your candidates in the tone of voice they’re used to. For larger clients, the Reed Screening team even attend tone of voice training and utilise tone of voice guidelines provided by you when communicating with your candidates.

We do this to ensure that we are maintaining the company voice and messaging, and delivering a branded screening experience to further improve overall candidate experience. 

Your size

We work with a range of clients of different sizes, some of which have more than 1,000 new starters every month that all require a high level of screening, and in 2020 we screened more than 120,000 candidates. So, whether you’re a smaller business with only 50 new hires a year, or a large enterprise with hundreds of new starters every month, we have extensive experience working with a business like yours. All of that experience means we are knowledgeable on your needs from the get-go, and can begin to tailor your screening solution right from the start.

Your timelines

With deadlines to meet, we know that you want to get your talent started as soon as possible. That’s why we have a 24-hour screening team of over 140 employees, providing around the clock support to help businesses like yours vet candidates quickly and reliably. We are also proud to provide the UK’s fastest pre-employment screening service, with 8-day turnaround across over 500,000 checks, so that you can get the ball rolling, faster.

How can we help?

Whatever your screening needs, let us help to remove the risk of hiring for your business. With over 9 years’ experience in delivering tailored pre-employment screening we are well placed to understand your needs and build a package that ticks all of the boxes. Discover more about our services, and get in touch to chat with one of our friendly team members, or check out The Industry Hub to see our curated examples of recommended screening packages.