Fast-track Screening - Accelerating onboarding without compromising compliance

Fast-track screening process by Reed Screening

Fast-track screening process by Reed Screening

During the present crisis, many organisations are facing unprecedented demand, and need to recruit at pace and in high volumes. Where internal screening functions and outsourced providers can't cope with this volume, businesses are being forced to compromise their compliance and security to meet operational needs by foregoing critical checks on their hires. With Reed Screening's fast-track screening service, you can have the best of both worlds - through segmented workflows and automation, we can conduct same day key checks to get those essential hires into the business, and continue with the screening in parallel to assure you that risk is being mitigated even in these challenging times.

Reed Screening stratifies the essential elements of screening and through innovative technology, automation and smart workflows, ensures that a potential employee can enter your business within the first 12 hours of the process, whilst giving you 100% confidence in their identity, right to work, and lack of inappropriate activity within previous roles. Simultaneously, our parallel workflow engine will be initiating the deeper level checks, assessing their financial probity, criminal record, previous employment conduct and general suitability and cultural fit with your organisation. This combined approach offers the speed that you require in such a period of elevated demand, without sacrificing the exacting standards of screening that all organisations should have or aspire to.


Core Checks (within first 12 hours):
RTW obtained and validated digitally
Address and identity verified
Fraud and Adverse history searches
Optional: Professional Registration, Credit, Sanctions and Criminal checks
***Candidate starts within business***

Parallel checks (within first five working days):
Referencing or referencing alternative
Highest Education/Professional Qualification Verification
Criminal Record Checks
Credit Checks
Adverse Media, PEP & Sanctions Searches
Social Media Check
Activist Checks
Occupational Health