Keep Britain Working

Keep Britain Working

Keep Britain Working - We want to bring people together during this National Emergency through a campaign to #KeepBritainWorking. The objective of the campaign is simple, to preserve jobs and to protect livelihoods.




These are challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked lives and decimated many businesses across the UK. Many companies and workers are facing anxious days and weeks ahead. Whether you're looking for work or seeking ways to sustain your business, help is at hand.

Keep Britain Working will help redeploy workers from struggling sectors to in-demand ones, help people who have lost their jobs find new ones, share and implement the best ideas to help the country keep working, and get people back into work. We want to share ideas, encourage good practice and help individuals and the economy to recover.

The campaign launched on keepbritainworking.comand encourages businesses and working people to make pledges to #KeepBritainWorking both during the crisis and beyond. The website also serves as a hub for sharing ideas and advice; including resources to support companies and their employees during this most difficult of times. Here you can find guidance and support on working, on boarding and sharing tips on remote working.

We pledge to #KeepBritainWorking by offering free and subsidised 24/7 employee screening services to ensure people can hire who they need, when they need.

Keep Britain Working has received support from Lord Alan Sugar, James Timpson, and Severn Trent chief executive, Liv Garfield. MPs Penny Mordaunt, Steve Brine and Caroline Nokes have also given the movement their backing, alongside business group the CBI. Trade organisations Recruitment & Employment Confederation and the Family Business Place are also on board.