Screening Packages - Candidate(s) details

Please submit the following form, with the details of each candidate you have purchased a Screening Package for. We won't be able to start the screening process until we've received these.

Once we have received a completed application form from the Candidate, we will copy you into our first correspondence to them, to let you know we are beginning the screening process.

Candidate(s) details

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Please include any other relevant information. If you have purchased multiple different packages, please specify which screening applies to which candidate.

Candidate identity and right to work verification:

  • As an employer you must confirm the identity and right to work status of your candidate(s).
  • For physical right to work checks, you must confirm this by inspecting and validating their documents.
  • For digital right to work checks (AssuredID), you must meet your candidate (either in person or remotely) to confirm that they are the same person on whom the checks have been carried out.

I understand my responsibilities for candidate identity and right to work verification.