Reed Screening appoints OCR Labs Global for fast employment onboarding

Reed Screening appoints OCR Labs Global for fast employment onboarding
  • Reed Screening recently surveyed over 400 organisations and found that following the introduction of digital right-to-work ID checks in the pandemic, 99 percent are considering continuing to use this service by default.
  • With OCR Labs Global's technology, Reed Screening will reduce onboarding times with an automated right-to-work screening process that takes minutes.
  • OCR Labs Global provides the underlying real-time technology for document verification, fraud detection and biometric matching to support Reed Screening's employment screening products with faster and more efficient candidate digital ID verification and onboarding.

London, UK. 27th September 2022: Reed Screening, the leading specialists in employment screening for over a decade, and part of the world’s largest family owned recruitment business, Reed, has selected OCR Labs Global, a world leader in digital ID verification, to support a wider range of employment screening products.

After digital right-to-work ID checks were first introduced out of necessity during the lockdown, the UK government announced it will now allow employers to carry out these checks permanently using systems from accredited suppliers like OCR Labs Global.

ONS figures show that 36 percent of people in the UK now work at home regularly. The UK government's latest decision ensures that the right-to-work scheme continues to support employers with implementing long-term, post-pandemic working practices while safeguarding themselves from identity-related risks.

This new change is substantiated by Reed Screening's data, which shows 75 percent of their surveyed organisations believe using technology for ID verification is safer as it can easily identify fake documents and people without the proper authorisation to work.

Using its proprietary technology, OCR Labs Global solves major challenges, including identity fraud and regulatory compliance. With unrivalled ID verification, fraud detection and biometric matching, it will enhance the subject matter expertise of Reed Screening and help offer the market a truly unbeatable right-to-work verification service.

Reed Screening and OCR Labs Global will also collaborate in wider industry thought leadership, pushing for greater innovation and government support for initiatives that will improve the hiring process's safety and efficiency for the benefit of workers and employers alike.

Keith Rosser, Director of Reed Screening, commented, "Our collaboration with OCR Labs Global has had a transformative impact on our overall vision for digital-based hiring. It can now be conducted from anywhere; the system is easy to engage with for work seekers and opens up a level of employment opportunities that wouldn't have been available to them before. This technology means companies across the UK can hire from any talent pool regardless of location, aiding the levelling up agenda and helping UK companies compete internationally."

Rosser continued, "The strength of OCR Labs Global's technology stood out amongst a crowded field within the ID verification space. Their modern advanced ID verification allows liveness checks and facial matching technologies to detect issues the human eye is not good at picking up. We believe it will have a long-term impact on employers that want to increase the efficiency of their onboarding process, stay compliant with right-to-work legislation and provide a smoother experience for employees."

Russ Cohn, General Manager International for OCR Labs Global, added, "OCR Labs Global is delighted to partner with Reed Screening in breaking ground with new practices to improve safety and efficiency of the hiring process. Reed Screening is at the forefront of recruitment with a fresh vision of helping employers to enhance employee mobility and refine the security and integrity of their background checks. We are glad to provide the tools to bring their vision to life, with technology their customers can rely on to deliver a smooth, remote experience for work seekers."

OCR Labs Global is already supporting clients across many industries, including governments, crypto and a variety of platform-based businesses, such as SaaS providers. Customers include Cognito, HSBC, Reed, Coinmetro and many other customers and partners.

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About Reed Screening Reed Screening have been leading specialists in employment screening in the UK for over a decade, being the only 24/7 UK operation in business. Their mission is to be at the forefront of industry changes and regulations and work with government bodies and industry leaders to consistently complete employment checks to the highest standard. Reed were quoted in the Home Office press release alongside Ministers earlier this year due to their work supporting this change.

Reed Screening has been a Home Office ECHO committee member for over five years, advising on the right-to-work policy. In 2017, Reed Screening supported the piloting and testing of the Home Office Online Checking Service (OCS), which is still used today to validate visas. Reed Screening employees work one day a week for charity by donating 20% of all proceeds to charitable causes.

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About OCR Labs Global OCR Labs Global is focused on making identity verification effortless through technology. We build intelligent tools that protect users from identity fraud while enabling a seamless identity experience. We’re focused on removing the burden of identity verification for our customers so they can focus on scaling their business without the compliance & operational overheads.

OCR Labs Global uses advanced image analysis and deep learning technology to accelerate good users and stay ahead of fraudsters. We securely verify your users in seconds with just their ID and a smartphone - from anywhere in the world. We verify 16,000+ documents in over 230 countries and principalities - more than any other identity verification provider.

Our verification solution is used by start-ups through global enterprises including Westpac, the Australian Government, Vodafone, ZIP, BMW and ANZ. OCR Labs Global is headquartered in London, UK with offices in Australia, Turkey and North America.

OCR Labs Global Certifications OCR Labs Global meets the most stringent privacy, data protection, security, resilience standards and global digital identity trust frameworks - including Australian TDIF accreditation as an Identity Service Provider, SOC Type 1 & 2 and ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, 27701, 29100, 22301, 30107-3 (covering both PAD level 1 and 2), 19795 and 9001. OCR Labs Global is ranked #1 globally for detection of real and fraudulent individuals.