Plans for a Single Enforcement Body to Regulate the Labour Market?

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REED attended a round table with UK GOV today on plans for a single enforcement body to regulate the labour market and the response to the Gig Economy.

The proposal by UK GOV is to bring together: NMW and NLW, Recruitment Sector, Umbrella Companies, GLAA - modern slavery / high risk sectors and Holiday Pay.

As well as considering joint responsibility for end hirers and transparency within supply chains UK GOV believe:

- The current system is fragmented and confusing

- There should be an extension of state enforcement

- A better coordination of enforcement action and pooled intelligence

The Government plan is to create a strong, recognisable single brand to make more effective use of resources aimed at saving workers from exploitation, abuse, and any breaches in the first place. Whilst they want to support businesses to comply, they have warned about tough enforcement action and plan to make it easier for a worker to raise a complaint. They want to improve the ability to identify non-compliance and publicise breaches more widely.

Most companies just screen their permanent employees, the current labour market and future of work shows that the vast majority of companies have freelancers, contractors, agency and self-employed staff. All of these workers should be screened in the same way, either through an MV model common to many large organisations or through a supply chain compliance approach. Being part of the UK's largest family owned recruitment business, Reed Screening is best able to understand the current labour market and future trends to know how to ensure consistent vetting for all in a way that actually saves money. Our 24/7 onshore centre results in the fastest pre-employment vetting times in the UK.

And if the current government is soon no more? Jeremy Corbyn has outlined his vision for a Ministry of Labour Markets and a Worker Protection Agency - this is unlikely to go away.