No More Checking Potential Employees Face to Face?

All-Party Parliament Group logo

All-Party Parliament Group logo

Having been a part of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Digital Identity for over 2 years Reed Screening were invited to contribute to the recent consultation on the benefits of Digital Identity for Work.

Government aims to ensure that users can create, use and reuse digital identities across public and private sector services at a time when the number of users has increased by a million between October 2018 and April this year.

Essentially this is the power of work seekers and would-be employees proving who they are safely and securely via initial online application and screening forms. This has huge potential benefit for employers, halving job application and vetting times given that a recent study has shown that time to hire is the main thing that employers want to improve.

This builds upon work by REED as ongoing members of the ECHO Committee (Employers Co-operating with the Home Office) where REED supported, tested, and piloted now live online right to work checking systems built by Home Office and launched earlier this year.

Reed Screening have long been 24/7, onshore in the UK, and now policy and legislation is catching up to take already industry leading time to vet and reducing it even further.