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Have you ever exaggerated a qualification on your CV?

Keith Rosser, director Reed Screening & director Group Risk

Keith Rosser, director Reed Screening & director Group Risk

Keith Rosser, Director of Reed Screening, said "With cases of people losing their jobs due to social media posts, exaggerated work histories, and exaggerated qualifications on CV's all on the rise job applicants must be more wary of the claims they make and employers must be more diligent in the checks they undertake". Reed Screening are a UK based, 24/7 onshore pre-employment screening service who have already reduced time to hire and worked with Home Office to change UK Right to Work legislation for employers. 

Chris Rea from degree qualification checking service HEDD said "Degree fraud is a much bigger problem than most businesses realise and the fake certificate and bogus university industries are becoming more and more sophisticated. It’s not enough just to ask to see a candidate’s degree certificate or other form of educational qualification. The only way to be sure that it’s genuine is to check it against the university record. Degree fraud is not just a problem for employers. It’s a scandal that genuine graduates, who invest a lot of time and money in their employability, lose out in the job market to unscrupulous candidates armed with fake certificates or exaggerated CV's. Prospects Hedd is the UK’s official degree verification system. We have been pleased to see a steady increase in degree verification over the last few years but some recruiters still consider it to be a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have. This has to change. We believe that only when 100% of recruiters verify the qualifications of their candidates 100% of the time will degree fraud be eradicated."

Being part of the UK's largest family owned recruitment business, Reed Screening is best able to ensure consistent vetting for all staff types across the supply chain in a way that keeps businesses safe and actually saves money.