Four tips for employers to stand out to top talent

Four tips for employers to stand out to top talent

In the days of global working and ever-increasing demand for the best of the best, the job market is at an all time competitive high. We know the recruitment process can feel daunting, and the pressure to find, attract and convince the top talent to join you can be huge.

That’s why we’ve compiled four top tips for you as an employer to stand out from the crowd and bag your business the best person for the job.

Online Reviews

There’s nothing applicants trust more than online reviews. Left by previous candidates and employees old and new, reviews on websites such as Glassdoor are a key tool you can use to attract talent.

By far the best way to influence online reviews of your business is to be open and responsive to all comments. By responding to every review, whether it be positive or negative, you are able to show that you are willing to listen and promote positive change within the business, as well as value and appreciate those who only have nice things to say. Passing on any criticism to those with the power to make those changes also helps to avoid further reviews which note the same criticisms, and slowly you can build a bank of excellent candidate and employee reviews.

If you are a smaller business and are struggling to get any reviews, you can try to encourage employees to leave honest reviews of your culture, and of their experiences within your business. It can be a risky tactic however, which could lead to the airing of your dirty laundry so to speak if there are any issues within your teams, so try to take stock of the current working environments within your business before doing so.

Build a Brand and Culture

Also known as employer branding, it is crucial to develop an image and reputation that shows your business in an attractive light.

You can reinforce your brand throughout your job listings, developing a clear tone of voice and using language that reinforces the culture within your business. You can show your culture by sharing it online on platforms such as LinkedIn, for example a few choice snaps from the Christmas party, or the office dogs birthday. You can show how you value your employees by spotlighting their stories and achievements and celebrating the small things on social media.

By sharing a true representation of your business, you attract those who share your values and want to be a part of what you offer, all of which can only be a positive.

Respond to all of your applicants.

Unfortunately it is becoming common place to ghost applicants once they are rejected from the recruitment process, and this can leave a really bitter lasting impression on your ex-candidates.

By treating applicants like customers and responding to their application efforts, you show that you appreciate the time they have taken to apply, and value their desire to work with you. You can also go one step further and provide feedback on their performance and outline the main reasons they weren’t suitable for the position.

By taking the time to do this you not only encourage them to re-apply in the future, but also to spread the word of their positive experiences with you. That could be through word of mouth, or they may even leave you a review online (which as we discussed, is a brilliant way to attract talent!). Who knows, their comment could be the one that convinces the perfect candidate to apply.

Build a package of benefits that targets your ideal candidate.

Taking the time to consider and understand the wants and needs of your ideal employee is the best way of attracting them. Often there are standard sets of benefits tied to all of the roles throughout your business, however, consider tailoring these toward the employee you aim to bring on board.

For example, if you are bringing on a more experienced member of the team, it increases the likelihood that they may have a small child at home. In order to fit around that and create an environment that attracts them to the role, you could include flexible working hours, childcare discount vouchers or even more holiday days.

How can we help?

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